With Globberry AAA solution for
broadband, the customer is ready for the
next phase of subscriber base growth

The steady growth of the customer base in the fixed segment puts pressure on the customer to keep up its
infrastructure readiness.

Globberry timely delivered AAA solution based on the Radiator RADIUS server helped the customer to scale
in numbers of sessions the infrastructure can support and continue to deliver reliable, quality service to its
customers in line with its brand and leading position on the national market.



Large telecommunication operator providing communications and data services based on a broad range of mobile and fixed-line technologies, including 4G.



Growth of customer sessions was reaching the existing infrastructure thresholds


IT infrastructure integration


Regulatory compliance with national security guidelines


Smooth transition to the new solution


6 month

project duration


4 migration integrations

were implemented


1 mln subscribers

were migrated

The project was delivered in time with a total duration of 6 months from PO to last migration wave completion. Globberry team in cooperation with the customer ensured seamless and smooth transition to the new solution with no downtime for the subscribers

Overall the project became an exemplary case of professional, productive, and effective cooperation between Globberry and operator's teams


The solution is based on the Radiator RADIUS server processing nodes with Globberry Admin and Reporting UI for managing rate plans, subscribers, and sessions. The solution implements the different authorization algorithms depending on access network equipment, is completely virtualized, and integrated into a complex multivendor environment.

The solution complies with carrier level high availability and geo-redundancy requirements and has a comprehensive O&M suite utilizing proven open source tools like Nagios, Prometheus, and Grafana to decrease solution’s time to market and cut down custom development costs.



  • The solution is operationally stable and easy in maintenance
  • The operational team received visibility down to individual session-level and additional configuration tools
  • Customer growth is not constrained by the AAA infrastructure capabilities

2000 tps

solution capacity


>900K concurrent sessions

daily peak load