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Globberry Data Integration and Governance

Shifting from siloed ETL tools toward sophisticated data integration and enterprise-wide open-source governance.
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Globberry Data Integration and Governance lets CSPs support the evolution of their BSS — including unknown effects of IoT and 5G adoptions, as well as steady migration of BSS to the public cloud.

The Globberry view on data integration and governance is inspired by our belief that in the future, cornerstone technologies and products used by large organizations will be based on open source foundations. Globberry’s approach is to supplement best-in-class open-source products with adapters, templates, and specialized telecom expertise to reach capable solutions with no CAPEX and lower cost of ownership.

In order to create a robust enterprise data-management solution to handle routing, transformation, and mediation of large amounts of data, you need to consider three levels of data processing:

  • Data Streams Management (from producers to consumers)
  • Data Flows Management (among applications)
  • Data Flows Orchestration (across the organization)

There are unique challenges to address on each level. At the same time, all levels must function within the same real-time cadence and be able to scale up at the same pace and at a predictable cost, so none of them becomes a bottleneck.

Data Streams Management

  • Publish and subscribe to streams of records, similar to a message queue or an enterprise messaging system
  • Store streams of records in a fault-tolerant, durable way
  • Process streams of records as they occur in real-time

Data Flows Management

  • Visual representation of global dataflow
  • Scale-out to handle gigabytes per second, or scale down to handle tens of thousands of events per second
  • Maintain traditional functionality

Data Flows Orchestration

  • Hybrid Integration Platform covering different integration styles and requirements (ESB, microservice, streaming)
  • API Management
  • Tools for low-code or no-code integration

Our Data Management offerings include three major open-source components, covering each level:

  • Apache Kafka a for Data Streams Management
  • Apache NiFi for Data Flows Management
  • WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and API Manager for Data Orchestration

All components are open-source projects frequently used in the telecommunications industry, but more importantly, they are able to scale and perform at the level expected by Telecom Service Providers. Another criteria is the selected products are pre-integrated and architecturally compliant — don’t functionally overlap, so they encapsulate and isolate their level tasks from other systems (e.g. stream processing from Integrations Management).

In addition, Globberry offers ASN.1 adapters in order to support the processing of traditional CDR file formats across different solution components.

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