Comprehensive monitoring and reporting for TETRA professional networks
RMon helps you:
Visualize utilization of network resources
Optimize use of network resources
Troubleshoot network performance issues
Radio network resource utilization
Real-time detailed views of base station load and channel allocation, together with details of ongoing calls. Aggregated views of subscribers’ base, use of specific equipment and network functions over time.
Activity history for each radio terminal
Detailed log of events for each terminal including, calls, site, network affiliation, and handover.
Equipment visualization
Visual representation of network for each zone including, sites, cabinets, installed equipment and empty slots, VMs, alarms.
Advanced reporting capabilities
The comprehensive set of metrics generated from the networks being monitored are collected and presented to the user by the RMon system. Individual users can build, save and reuse pivot table style reports of any complexity by selecting the necessary metrics, their grouping and the required filtering criteria. For ease of use, RMon provides several pre-set reports such as ‘Site Metrics’ or “Terminals at Zones’. These can be used as is, and can also be further modified with the constructor, with the ability to save changes to enable the same reports to be used again in the future.
Additional Features
  • Lightweight web-based user interface
  • Scalability, with no limit on the number of terminals, sites, and zones
  • Real-time view of radio network resource utilization
  • Multiple view perspectives for resource utilization:
    • Terminal
    • Talk group
    • Site
    • Zone
  • Activity history for each radio terminal (calls and registrations)
  • Equipment inventory visualization
  • Alarms dashboard
  • KPI threshold notification
  • Advanced analytics for resource usage
  • Reporting
  • Integration protocols:
    • Motorola UEM
    • Motorola ATIA
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Deployment and system requirements
  • On-premise deployment
  • Virtual machine hosted on Linux server
  • server specifications can be provided based on the size of the monitored network
  • Web-based, with no installation or setup
  • Supported browsers:

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TETRA Professional Network Monitoring
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Globberry RMon Infosheet

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