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Globberry helped customer to achieve success in building efficient Telco Cloud operations

While telecom operators are moving into T-Cloud domain, many aspects of planning and operations remain an uncharted territory.

Globberry built an operational "cockpit" for monitoring, planning, and management decision making.


Large telco group from the Middle East providing innovative solutions and services to millions of subscribers across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Managed Service Partner

The world-leading equipment manufacturer and system integrator with a large footprint, a unique offering, and a vision in the Carrier Cloud domain.



Lack of consolidated view of NFV Infrastructure state


Manually compiled reports are laborious and prone to errors


Siloed view of physical infrastructure (datacentres) and VNF deployment

9 weeks

time to production

6 integrations

were implemented

5 UI reviews

with customer were conducted

At the request of our partner, providing Telco Cloud managed service contract for the customer, Globberry installed its NFV Infrastructure Management product, helping customer's Tcloud team to scale and achieve operational excellence.

Globberry team delivered a fully customized and integrated solution in the shortest possible time with just 2 months elapsing from the project start to the first production drop. Number of UI review workshops were conducted, resulting in delivery of the UI interface satisfying every project stakeholder.


NFVI Manager provides a holistic view of the customer SDN supporting infrastructure. It is integrated with the key Tcloud management tools such as VNFM, VIM, monitoring and provisioning platforms, etc. hence serving as a "single point of truth" with accurate and always up-to-date of NFV Infrastructure presentation.

NFVI Dashboard is the "single pane of glass" consolidated view of resource allocation, utilization and alarms presented through different facets being the key element of informed decision making and progress tracking.

Capacity Planning component enables timely Tclud scaling and proactive approach by utilizing historical and trend information, VNF design validation, and generating suggestions on how to expend existing infrastructure to meet the capacity demand by VNF vendors.


NFVI resource utilization visibility for the management and NOC teams

Single point of reference through the regular discovery of NFVI management systems and infrastructure

Simplified decision making with data accuracy, business logic automation, and process standardization

Automated initiation of capacity expansion based on thresholds and utilization trends

Consolidated View

Consolidated Data

Friendly User Expirience

Proactive Capacity Management

Operational Efficiency