What we do


Companies in the industry are looking for an “elixir” to successfully deliver objectively complex projects in telecommunications

We found it and our “secret sauce” has 3 components:
– We combine business understanding and technical expertise. We are not trying to just sell projects we are looking to improve your business
– Globberry possess a unique set of talents necessary to successfully complete projects of large scale and complexity
– We can take care of all the projects aspects from planning and analysis to support


Planning and Architecture

Building and Deployment

Operation and Maintenance

Site Rollout and Upgrade

Additional Services

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Business Support System

Planning and Analysis

Software Configuration, Customization and Development

Software Installation and Deployment

Hardware Infrastructure Installation and Deployment

Delivery Management

Operations and Maintenance

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Enterprise IT

Policies and procedures implementation and compliance monitoring

Software configuration, customization and development

Software installation and deployment

Hardware infrastructure installation and deployment

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Our key competence is improving your business


Knowledge of industry best practices becomes a crucial factor in planning and executing business transformation

Looking “outside of the box” of prevailing views and procedures has proven to be almost impossible for CSPs. At the same time, stepping outside of the comfort zone into risky realms of business transformation is vital for business long-term success and continuity. In such circumstances, the expertise of Globberry collected in multiple engagements across the industry should appear to be quite helpful


Network Audit and Optimization

Solution Evaluation

Network Configuration Audit

Optimization Planning

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Revenue Management

Billing and Mediation Solutions Audit, Evaluation, Scoping, Implementation Consulting

RTCC and Policy Control Scoping, Evaluation, Implementation Consulting

BSS Data Migration Scoping and Evaluation

Open Source SW Selection and Implementation

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IT Governance

Security Audit

Risk and Compliance Management

Enterprise Architecture

Open Source SW Selection and Implementation

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Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use industry best practices adapted to your specifics


How would you optimize operational expenditures and leverage existing capital investments? How can you get access to rare skillsets without hiring?

The simple answer is outsourcing the processes to specialized companies with qualified staff available. You can still maintain the control over the process through tools, regulations, procedures and direct recommendations at the same time reducing people management overheads. Globberry is a reliable outsourcing partner to deliver the listed benefits and maintain guaranteed service quality.

Business Process Outsourcing

Network Planning (transmission, radio, microwave)

Network Operations

Application Support

Staff Augmentation

Operational efficiency with guaranteed service quality


Focus on what you do best. Invest in your key competencies and let trustworthy partners help you to grow

Companies enjoying long-term success have one common feature. They clearly understand why exactly they are successful, what business areas are key contributors to generating growth and critical for business continuity, and what areas, by contrast, are necessary, yet supplementary, to core business and could be more efficiently managed by specialized partners

Managed services

Network Planning (transmission, radio, microwave)

Network Operations

Policy Management

Develop your business and we will take care of your infrastructure