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Experience and innovation

BSS Service Description

Globberry BSS division possess a unique set of expertise to ensure successful delivery in the most critical part of the CSP’s business.  Globberry helps clients to grow their business and keep up with competitors by providing tools to launch new innovative products. Main value we are offering is lean and agile BSS solutions with minimal time to market and support cost.

Service Offerings

We perform complete delivery cycle support for Billing, Charging, Mediation projects. One of our key competence is DPI and PCRF implementation, both with own product and 3rd party solutions. Our service offering includes:

Billing & Charging
Online & Offline Mediation
Legacy BSS Data Migration
Cloud BSS


Besides full cycle of project implementation Globberry BSS offers additional services in Project/Program management, quality assurance, acceptance testing and data migration

Our Achievements

We have an experience of implementation and maintenance of CSP class “mission critical” real time solutions with high load and performance

     • Turnkey implementation of DPI solution with 2 million concurrent subscribers’ sessions and 20Gbps analysed interface
     • Implementation of a Document Generation System with 1 million pages generated monthly
     •Implementation of the pre-billing mediation system with 1 billion of offline-charged and 0.5 billion online charged events per day
     • Extensive system integration experience. Building interfaces with load of 1000 requests per second

Our benefits

     • Experience of building and maintaining mission critical BSS applications with more than 10 milion. subscribers
     • Own product management and software development expertise of CSP class BSS software
     • Proven capability to scale engineering staff for the projects

Globberry networking capabilities explained

Case Study: PCRF Implementation
Extensive growth of data services and strong request to build new products with complex charging had driven our customer to start PCRF implementation projects. PCRF opened a new dimension of data services business by providing agile environment for fast building new products and services for business and individual subscribers
SDN & NFV Reality chek. Globberry experts are sharing their insights
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Globberry CTO speaks on future of managed services
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Service Owner

Ivan Ishchenko