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Enterprise IT Service Description

Globberry Enterprise IT operates in its vibrant and dynamic areas of expertise according to the principle “Here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere, you must run twice as fast as that.” Our IT division is quick to adopt new technologies, new products, and new knowledge, and to learn the security threads in order to deliver our customers the latest technological solutions for efficient IT architecture, infrastructure, software and cyber threats protection.

Service Offerings

Globberry Enterprise IT offers its customers a large variety of services ranging from Enterprise IT architecture and integration, ITAM implementation, and integration consulting, to building and maintenance of  IT infrastructure, corporate networks and data centers.An essential part of our enterprise service portfolio comprises our enterprise security services. Our service offering includes:

IT infrastructure building, deployment and maintenance
    Corporate networks
    Data Centers
    Storage Area Networks
Enterprise Architecture and Integration
     Concept and Design
     Implementation and Software Development
ITSM Software Implementation
Enterprise Security
    Audit, Consulting and Governance
    HW Security
    Application and Network Security


Our Benefits

     • Diverse competence in nearly all aspects of Enterprise IT infrastructure
     • Large practical experience in implementing projects for both mid-level and large enterprises
     • A good cultural and price fit for mid-size companies and implementation due to direct open communications and more attention to customer needs


Globberry networking capabilities explained

Case Study: PCRF Implementation
Extensive growth of data services and strong request to build new products with complex charging had driven our customer to start PCRF implementation projects. PCRF opened a new dimension of data services business by providing agile environment for fast building new products and services for business and individual subscribers
SDN & NFV Reality chek. Globberry experts are sharing their insights
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Ivan Ishchenko