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IT Governance
Globberry can take care of the full range of your company’s IT needs, from creation and implementation of IT policies and procedures to end-to-end datacenter construction projects, decreasing the need for expensive dedicated IT staff. Our services portfolio includes:

Service Offerings

Policies and procedures implementation and compliance monitoring

Globberry can perform an audit of existing IT infrastructure and procedures to help an enterprise identify the bottlenecks and weak links in their IT landscape and create actionable recommendations for improvement.

Software configuration, customization, and development

Globberry’s engineers can take care of support for complex software platforms, ensuring no-hassle upgrades, fixes and customizations to make enterprise software better suited to delivering maximum value to your business.

Software installation and deployment

Planning and executing large-scale installations of complex enterprise software can be quite a challenge. Globberry can ensure that the process of rolling out a new application across your enterprise would be smooth and hassle-free.

Hardware infrastructure installation and deployment

Properly designed hardware infrastructure allows your company to get the most out of your IT investments, protecting from cost overruns and expensive late additions to the project. Globberry’s engineer can help with the planning of hardware infrastructure, considering software’s usage characteristics, performance requirements, scalability and your business-specific requirements. At the next stage, we are ready to assist with hardware procurement and installation, taking care of all hardware resources required for an IT transformation project.

Our Benefits

     • Diverse competence in nearly all aspects of Enterprise IT infrastructure
     • Large practical experience in implementing projects for both mid-level and large enterprises
     • A good cultural and price fit for mid-size companies and implementation due to direct open communications and more attention to customer needs


Case Study: Managed Service of IT Infrastructure Management for Mobile Operator Headquarter
Support of day to day operations of personal IT infrastructure equipment including PCs, printers, and accessories in headquarter of mobile operator with more than 500 workplaces