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Network Audit Service Description

In a world of ever-growing security threats, more and more CSPs make security their top priority. At the same time, mergers and acquisitions happen constantly in telecoms world, prompting the need for uniting networks with different histories and vendor makeups under a single control infrastructure. Performing both of those tasks with maximum efficiency in terms of time and costs call for an experienced partner in the field of network audit. The globberry team is proud of being such a partner to a number of leading service providers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Service Offerings

Solution Evaluation

Leave the task of evaluating a complex, multi-technology, multi-vendor network to the professionals – Globberry’s engineers can evaluate a major operator’s network in a matter of weeks. Out specialists hold multiple certifications with almost all major equipment vendors for transport, access, datacenter and mobile network equipment, as well as experience working with industry-standard network management solutions.

Network Configuration Audit

As part of an audit project, our team looks for security vulnerabilities, state of firmware, errors in equipment configuration, underutilized or overloaded nodes and links, performance weak points and other issues that can impact the performance of provider’s network and ultimately, customer’s user experience. A comprehensive report listing all identified issues is presented to the customer at the end of the audit.

Optimization Planning

After the weaknesses and performance issues have been identified, our team present the customer with recommendations on issue resolution with measurable KPIs for improvements in case recommendations have been implemented.

Our Achievements

  • Saved millions of dollars of CAPEX and OPEX cost to our clients as a result of audits performed by our team

Our benefits

  • Large team of highly skilled network engineers with decades of experience in building and optimizing large-scale carrier-grade network
  • Audit process fully compliant with industry standards and best practices
  • Quick project turnaround, typically delivering tangible results within few weeks of the audit start

Case Study: Mobile Operator Backbone Transport Network Audit
Transport network audit for a large mobile operator in eastern Europe with over 500 nodes in the network, resulting in a major upgrade of security procedures and infrastructure
Case Study: Complete Networks Audit for Mobile Operator
Network audit for a major mobile operator in Central Asia, including multi-vendor IP and DWDM networks, delivering a full audit report with performance enhancement recommendations in less than 3 weeks from project initiation.