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pdf Cloud DRA Whitepaper This document describes the Cloud Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) software suite developed bby Globerry. Conceptually, DRA is a 3GPP-compatible system for Diameter message distribution and routing used in various signaling flows of the new generation IMS networks.
12.05.2017 17:29 7 MB 445
pdf Cloud PCRF Whitepaper This document describes the Cloud PCRF software suite developed by Globberry and how it could be used to help CSP IT departments create robust and agile next generation BSS ecpsystems. Cloud PCRF is a 3GPP-compatible enterprise-level system for managing subscribes individual and group internet access policies in next generation IMS networks.
15.05.2017 13:38 9 MB 732
pdf Cloud SPR Whitepaper This document describes the Cloud SPR product developed by Globberry as part of its Policy Management Suite. Besides this product, the Cloud SPR Globberry Policy Management Suite consists of Cloud PCRF for the management of subscribers’ PCC policies in the data access network and Cloud DRA for dispatching and managing diameter messages across the network.
09.08.2017 11:24 2 MB 733
pdf Ti-Rate Billing and Charging Whitepaper Ti-Rate Billing and Charging is the telecom grade, flexible product, designed to fulfill both traditional billing use cases as well as emerging IoT requirements.
20.09.2018 16:55 6 MB 45