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Revenue Management Consulting Service Description

Revenue management and forecasting is a key focus area for CSPs worldwide, as increasing market competition and importance of customer satisfaction drives the operators to seek more efficient ways of understanding their customers and anticipating their needs. Globberry’s product and service portfolio provides a comprehensive toolbox for revenue management, allowing for a seamless integration of our own products, improvements to existing infrastructure and introduction of solutions from our partner ecosystem. From complete BSS stack overhaul to making changes to an API between two systems – Globberry has experience with consulting and implementation projects of different scale, involving solutions from industry-leading vendors.

Service Offerings

Billing and Mediation Solutions Audit, Evaluation, Scoping, Implementation Consulting

                Billing and Mediation solutions are a key source of information for revenue management and revenue assurance, giving access to crucial data on service usage patterns, potentially fraudulent transactions and other insights on how the subscribers are utilizing the CSPs offerings. Being business-critical applications, mistakes and delays in delivering even small updates to Billing and Mediation platforms can snowball into huge costs for the business, requiring a trusted partner to guide each step of the process.

RTCC and Policy Control Scoping, Evaluation, Implementation Consulting

Real-time Charging and Policy Control platforms is another group of business-critical applications, with the added complexity of additional performance and reliability requirements brought about by their real-time nature. Globberry can support scoping, evaluation and implementation consulting activities for RTCC and Policy Control swap, upgrade, customization and integration.

BSS Data Migration Scoping and Evaluation

Flawlessly executed data migration is critical for business continuity during a major upgrade of a BSS platform, or when implementing a new solution taking over from legacy software. Data source analysis, data cleanup, preparation and transformation are typically extremely intensive in terms of time and resources required, often stretching operator’s own IT resources to the limit. Globberry can offer our experience in executing data migration projects of any scale and complexity.

Open Source SW Selection and Implementation

Over last five to ten years, CSPs have put more trust into Open Source software than ever before, benefitting from decreased licensing cost, elimination or reduction of vendor lock-in and the ability to mix and match solution components derived from different sources. The benefits of Open Source solutions typically come with a downside of having to hire expensive DevOps teams to make sense of the ever-changing landscape of Open Source software. Globberry can bring to the table immense knowledge of Open Source solutions and frameworks and apply it to selecting and planning the implementation of Open Source platforms to best benefit a CSP’s business.

Our Achievements

  • Implementation of a Policy Management Suite for a major mobile operator in Eastern Europe based on Open Source platforms, eliminating 3rd party license costs for the customer and massively decreasing OpEx for Policy Management platform

Our benefits

  • Experience in successful delivery of large-scale BSS transformation projects for major telecom operators
  • Compliance with main industry standards and best practices
  • Experience with wide variety of Open Source platforms and frameworks

BSS Infrastructure Support and Maintenance
5 years of continuous support and maintenance of BSS infrastructure (billing and mediation) for large Eastern European CSP including permanent customization, integration, implementation of new products, data migration, and constant productivity enhancements.