Against a background of constant evolution in communications technologies and their applications, some things should, can and do stay the same. Here at Globberry, you can be assured of three things: we always put our customers and their needs first, we remain focused on our core competencies in telecom- specific applications and infrastructure, and all our products and services build on and leverage our company’s solid foundation of engineering excellence.

Our customers are typically telecommunications service providers and large enterprises operating professional mobile radio networks, including oil and gas, public safety, and utility operators. With business and mission-critical communications, the reliability and robustness of operational infrastructure is paramount. All Globberry products and services are designed with our customers and their operational needs in mind. Excellent client relationships and quality solutions keep our, and your, business successful.

Globberry’s core competencies remain consistent. We specialize in the business-critical elements of communications networks, a focus which is often hard to find in more generalized suppliers. We continue to innovate as the industry evolves, to remain able to offer best practice, leading technology solutions for our clients. Our niche skillset includes OSS / BSS, 5G core network components, asset tracking, policy management, software-defined networking and communications systems integration. From concepts and architecture through to software quality and best-in-class products, we help keep your operations operational.

Founded in 2015, consistently self-funded, and expanding globally from our base in Ukraine, Globberry remains firmly and proudly rooted in its solid foundation of engineering excellence. The majority of our staff focus on ongoing product development, backed up by our network services and systems integration teams. With our company approaching 100 employees, we are agile and responsive enough to successfully execute complex projects, and large enough to execute them quickly, without compromising on our, or your, quality standards. Our company continues to expand from its flagship customer base in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and The Middle East, with a worldwide presence including sales and support infrastructure in the USA.

It is Globberry’s focused combination of customers, core competencies, and company commitment to excellence that helps our customers grow and succeed. Our products and services help design, implement, protect, support and improve the very heart of your communications networks. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Our Brands
Globberry is the masterbrand of the Group, providing the fundamental values and identity that the sub-brands are based on.
Scalea – is a product company and system integrator in the areas of policy management, billing and charging, mediation and other BSS domains. Scalea is developing and implementing Policy Management Suite, the product bundle for fixed line and mobile operators.
Interklast is a part of Globberry family and implements large consulting and infrastructure projects for telecom operators, enterprises, government and financial institutions.
ExtraTECH is a system integrator, which has been working on Kazakhstan market since 2005. ExtraTECH provides a wide range of services in the areas of building networks, IT-infrastructure, OSS/BSS.